• Professor Li Bin

    Director of Dept. of Hospital Management Research Centre of Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital & Director of Quality Control Centre of Management of Medical Equipment, Shanghai.

  • Professor Li Bin is Director of Dept. of hospital management research center of Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao tong University, Director of Quality Control Centre of Management of Medical Equipment in Shanghai, Chairman designate of Clinical Engineering Committee of China Medical Association, Vice Chairman of clinical engineers branch of Chinese medical doctor association, Council Member of Chinese society of Biomedical engineering, Committee member of medical device classification technology of China SFDA, Member of the China national medical meteorology technology committee, Chairman of Medical equipment management committee of Shanghai hospital society, Honorary Chairman of Clinical Engineering Committee of Shanghai Medical Association, Chief expert of Shanghai Research Base for Clinical Engineering Technology of Hospital Management Institute of Ministry of Health, Standing committee member of Medical Engineering Committee of Chinese Medical Association, Purchase consultant for Shanghai Municipal Government, Member of China Clinical Engineering Expert and Member of China Association of Medical Equipment.

    In his professional background he has two-year working experience in foreign-owned enterprises and received his professional training overseas in USA and Japan.

    He worked for over 20 years as chief of the medical equipment management department and was in charge of device management and quality control of medical equipment in Shanghai for 12 years. Moreover he has been the author and co-author of six books, published over 50 articles in national statistical source journal and has undertaken 2 projects of key R & D projects of the State Ministry of science and technology.