• Dr Stefan Mauger

    Principal Research Engineer/Cochlear

  • Stefan Mauger is biomedical innovator, and has worked for over ten years developing new technologies to restore and improve hearing.  As a Principal Engineer in Cochlear’s advanced innovation department, his main role is to manage new inventions quickly and efficiently through the technology development processes towards product.

    He has recently been recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative engineers for his development work resulting in number of new technologies being released in cochlear implant sound processors.  These new technologies have led to significant patient benefits for well over 100,000 cochlear implant users around the world.  He currently involved in the technical and business development for new active implantable medical devices.

    He has earned a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering and a PhD in neuroscience from the Bionics Institute and La Trobe University, and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.