All presentations from ABEC 2018 are available for download and viewing below:    


A Smart E-Nose System For Indoor Hazardous Air Monitoring- Yujiao Wu

A Smart Triggering Method to Reduce the Power Consumption of a Barometer in a Low-power Fall Detector-Wei Lu

Biotechnology, Biocompatability & Tissue Engineering- John Whitelock

Challenges of Managing Biomedical ICT Systems Mark Lockwood

Competing Priorities Of Infection Prevention And Biomedical Engineering- Kathy Dempsey

Design and Fabrication of Detachable Transport Monitor Mount-Cindy Wang

Design And Implementation Of An Augmented Reality Game To Diagnose Autism- Ahmed A Ahmed

Embroidered Electrodes For Bioelectrical Impedance Anaysis-Impact Of Contact Surface Area And Stitch Type- Irini Logothetis

EMG-based Robot-assisted Stroke Rehabilitation For Upper-limb Impairment- Kairui Guo 

Engineering The Policy Balance To Deliver Great Outcomes Through Assistive Technology- Lloyd Walker

Feasibility Of 3D Grpahene-Alginate Scaffold For Tissue Engineering Applications- Negar Mansouri

Health Technology Management Through Collaboration- Ashrith Kumar

Intellectual Property (IP) Tips For Medtech Startups- Anthony J Cowle

Medical Device Integration- Kirsty Arif

Medical Device Partnering Program- Karen Reynolds

Medical Device Sectoral Growth In India- Jitendar Sharma

Medical Devices – then, now and the future- Chris Jeffery

Microwave Irradiation Assisted Synthesis And Characterization Of Silver-Incorporated Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle With Antibacterial Properties- Mohd faiz Mohd Yussof

Modulating Blood-Surface Interface. Biofunctionalisation Of Silk Biomaterials With A Vascular Molecule Using Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation-Negar Mansouri 

MR Screening. The New Paradigm-The BMDH Concept- James Nol

Multiphysics Finite Element Modelling Of Heart Function- Socrates Dokos

My Journey-The Amputee With Attitude- Mark Lesek

Paperless Inspection Tools Revolutionising Biomedical Equipment Inspection- Naaman Shibi

Regulatory Issues- Milica Talic

Remote Patient Monitoring And Cybersecurity- Emily Etchell

RS232 and Beyond- The Journey Of Integration And Connectivity- Ian Craig

Subchondral Bone Tissue Strain Distribution Under High-Rate Compression- A Combined Experimental And Computational Study-Fatemeh Malekipour 

Supporting Information-NMR_MRI and Diffusion Symposium- James Nol

Teaching Team Building In Clinical Engineering- David Smith

The Making Of A Bionic Eye- Gregg Suaning